Parent Action Committee (PAC)

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Brittany James
PAC President

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Function of the Renner Academy Parent Action Committee (PAC):

Communication Hub:

PAC serves as a central communication hub between parents and teachers. By facilitating open dialogue, the PAC ensures that both parties are well-informed about school activities and special events. Clear and transparent communication fosters a sense of trust and partnership, which is essential for a positive school culture.

Community Building:

PAC actively engages in organizing events and activities that bring together parents, teachers, and students. Whether it’s back-to-school nights or family engagement programs, these create opportunities for social interaction, forging strong connections within the school community. A sense of belonging and shared experiences contribute to a positive and welcoming school environment.

Fundraising for School Enhancement:

PAC coordinates fundraising initiatives to provide additional resources for the school, such as extracurricular activities, classroom supplies, or positive enrichment resources. The tangible impact of such efforts positively influences the school environment, making it more conducive to effective teaching and learning.

Enhanced Parental Involvement:

The presence of a robust PAC encourages increased parental involvement in school activities. As parents become more engaged in their children’s education, students benefit from a strong support system both at home and in the school environment. This collaboration between parents and educators positively influences student achievement and well-being.

Positive School Atmosphere:

The collective efforts of the PAC contribute to a positive and vibrant school atmosphere. From well-organized events to improved facilities, the tangible outcomes of PAC initiatives create a welcoming environment that inspires enthusiasm among students, parents, and staff alike.